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Come Discover How much God Loves You!

What if the church wasn't so much a place to go on Sunday mornings, but an experience of coming together to be the body of Christ at work in the world? What if we open wide our hearts to love as Christ does and invite others to join us? What if we found that the church of tomorrow was really the church today! At Holland's, we know our youth are the church of today!

Join us on Sunday afternoons from 4:30 pm to 7:00 pm in the Youth Room!

May the Lord bless you and keep you. May the Lord make His face to shine upon you. May the Lord lift up His countenance upon you and give you peace.

Summer News Letter 2014

Youth Ministry


Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School at Holland's is June 22-25. You might be thinking "Why do youth need to know about VBS?" There are several ways to get involved this year.

1) We are planning to have a youth VBS class with Randy Wilkins and Kelly Vetter as leaders! You KNOW this will be awesome fun!

2) Miss Pam really, really, really wants and needs youth to help the JAM kids with the songs for VBS. Practice is Sundays at 3 pm in the choir room for the next few Sundays until VBS begins.

3) You can volunteer to help with younger children as a guide, help with crafts or games, etc.

Don't delay! Sign up for the youth class or as a volunteer today at

http://cokesburyvbs.com/ hollandsumc!

Dates to Put on Your Calendar

June 1- This is a busy Sunday!!

Þ Graduate Recognition at all services. Graduates, please arrive 15 minutes before the service in which you want to be recognized. Cap and gown are optional.

Þ American Red Cross Blood Drive hosted by the youth. (Please arrive at your scheduled time to help in the fellowship hall.) Remember if you are 16 and meet the weight requirement, you can give blood and help save lives.

Þ VBS Volunteer Orientation at 11 in the youth dining room. If you cannot be there but want to help, make sure you sign up on the VBS website.

Þ Blessing of the Animals at 6:00 pm in the parking lot. Bring your beloved pets (of all kinds) and dessert or ice cream to the church parking lot for a special time of celebration of all God's creatures

Þ Registration forms & deposit (if applicable) are due for the beach trip on June July 7th and Lake Junaluska On July 10-13.

June 8- Confirmation Sunday at the 11:00 service. Come and celebrate this amazing faith step in the lives of our youth confirmands.

June 11-14-Annual Conference in Greenville, NC (Libby, Lindsay, and Susan are representatives for the Capital District)

June 15- Celebrate Father's Day with your Dad, grandfather, and/or anyone who has helped you in a fatherly way.

June 15-22-First ASP trip of the summer to Whitesburg, KY

June 22-25-Vacation Bible School

July 7-A Day at the Beach (at the Gamble's beach house)

July 10-13-Lake Junaluska SURGE youth event

July 20-26-ASP Week 2 to the NC Appalachia Mountains.

Important Notes:

1) Other summer events will be announced soon!

2) Discovery will be scheduled at another time during the year, not the summer.

NC Conference Youth Events  

If you are interested in attending any conference youth events, please contact Susan. Registration forms are in the youth room. A portion of the registration cost may be covered by the church's youth budget!

Summer Breakaway-Theme: Hello, My Name is____________. June 16-20 at Methodist College in Fayetteville, NC. Grades 6-12. Cost is $225.

Appalachian Trail Hike- Theme: Where Do You Go? July 7-12 at the Appalachian Trail. Grades 9-12.Cost is $150.

ACS- Theme: Building Bridges. July 14-19 at Methodist College in Fayetteville, NC. Grades 9-12. Cost $250. We need 2 people to represent our church at ACS but others can go as well. During this event, NC Youth Conference leadership is determined. Wouldn't it be great to have Holland's youth represented in leadership? Interested? Contact Susan ASAP!

Please click on the link below to view the June, 2014 newsletter, and it is also available for viewing on our website at www.hollandsumc.org

Thank you,
Cindy Davidson
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Youth Sunday 2014

To view any of the posted youth and church videos go to the below YouTube Channel Listing:


Youth Sunday (May 4, 2014) Speakers

Justin Baird – My Purpose: Peaks, Pits, Praises, and Prayers


Libby Bowes – Little Kid Magic


Brighton Hudson – Field of Dreams


Rachael Elwell – A Ripple in the Water


Saylon Kieft – Playing for God


Elizabeth Feola – My Gifts to God



UMYF on Sundays!

Sunday evenings are the hub of Hollands' Youth Ministries. Youth in 6th-12th grades are invited to come be a part of the UMYF. Meetings are 5-7 pm and include supper, games, singing, large group and small group time, prayer, and benediction. We hope to see you here every Sunday evening for fun and fellowship!

Opportunities to be the Hands and Feet of Jesus

Art Committee: We have established a new Art Committee under the leadership of Sarah Burnette. The youth on this committee will be designing and painting canvasses with scripture, blessings, etc. for the youth room. If interested, con-tact Sarah!

Worship Opportunities:

We invite all our youth and their families to attend Sunday morning worship services. If you are interested in participating in worship in a variety of roles, please visit our Sign-up Genius page to indicate your preference for helping. Opportunities include communion server, usher, acolyte/cross bearer, scripture reader, etc. The link to the sign-up is http:// www.signupgenius.com/.go/10C0D 4DA5AA23A7F94-worship

Youth Dining Room Painting Session:

We will be painting the youth dining room on November 23rd. We will paint the walls a neutral color as a backdrop for the paintings mentioned above that the Art Committee are creating. If you (youth or adult) would like to help with this project, email Susan.

Communication and Important Information

We know that good communication is essential to an effective youth ministry. Good communication between the Youth Ministry office, youth and, parents is a very high priority and we will continually strive to pro-vide accurate, consistent, and timely information. If you encounter problems with communication, please let Susan know. Also, remember to visit the Holland's UMC Youth Ministries webpage, Facebook group, and Twitter! If you have not already done so, please complete the Youth Ministries Information Form which is required for any youth who attends an off-site event. This form combines a contact information page, our Participation Covenant, a medical history form, a notarized medical release form, and a copy of the youth's insurance card.

UMYF Simple Suppers-We are asking each family to sign up for at least one Sunday to plan, prepare and serve a light supper for our youth. If you have not already served or signed up, please look at your calendars and choose a date that will work for you. In November, parents who have not signed up will be added to open dates for the remainder of the school year. Of course, folks can trade with others if a scheduling conflict arises. Other church groups are also helping in this endeavor.

Sign-up is through the website Sign-up Genius under the name UMYF Simple Suppers. The link is www.signupgenius.com/.go/10C0D4DA5A A23A7F94-umyf2.

Attention Parents!

XP3: This year we are using a new ministry resource called XP3 from the Orange Curriculum. XP3 is specifically de-signed for middle school and high school youth with the goal of simply helping teenagers to have a lasting understanding of three things:

 I am created to pursue an authentic relationship with my creator.

 I belong to Jesus Christ and define who I am by what He says.

 I exist every day to demonstrate God's love to a bro-ken world.

Our current XP3 series is titled Road Signs which the small group, SHADES, will continue to lead through November 3. The series description is "If you set your course in the wrong direction, you'll end up in the wrong place every time. No matter where you hope to end up, the road you choose matters. The book of Proverbs gives us wisdom to help navi-gate the choices of life, because we know that each choice determines the direction of our lives. And it's our direc-tion, not our intention that ultimately determines our destination. Where are you heading? What path are you on?

On November 17th and 24th, the small group CPP will facilitate the series called Christmas Behind the Scenes. Here is a brief description…"We've all seen the nativity with perfectly positioned characters, well-behaved animals, and a holy glow surrounding it all. We see everyone in the scene as if they are one big happy family celebrating the first, and probably the only, perfect Christ-mas. Contrast this perfect picture with our own lives, our own families and holiday drama, and we may feel the Christmas story looks nothing like our own. But what if you able to pull back the curtain and see past the picture-perfect silent night? When we look closely, we find that the REAL Christmas story, the un-cut, behind-the-scenes version looks more like our own than we would have ever imagined. And the same God who scripted these imperfect characters into His story is calling to join him there as well."

May the Lord Bless You and Keep You. May He make His face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you. May He lift up His countenance upon you and give you peace.

Questions or comments?

Contact Susan Wright

at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or

call 919-772-5294.


Message from Susan

Good morning parents of youth!

We are about to embark on what is going to be an exciting year in Holland's Youth Ministries! We have several opportunities for our youth to be involved at church like the youth praise band, Bible Study, etc. The largest ministry in terms of the number of youth involved is UMYF. We have a year full of retreats, fun events, service projects, and, of course, Sunday evening programs.

Here are a couple of reminders:

  • Sunday evening UMYF is 5-7 pm. It includes a light supper for the youth.We need all parents to sign up for one Sunday to join with others to help provide a simple supper. Please sign up by using the Sign-up Genius website or let Karen Wilkins or me know what date works for you. If everyone takes a slot it will probably be a one time thing for the entire year. Not a bad deal for having your youth fed each Sunday evening!

Sunday Night's Program Info

This year we are using XP3, the youth component of the Orange curriculum, for our UMYF programs. XP3 offers a wealth of information and activities as well as a way to let you know, as parents, what we are talking about at UMYF. It is important to extend the conversation about what we are learning about our walk with God beyond Sundays and beyond the church building. So we hope that this email will help you make connections with your son or daughter in a meaningful way and nourish your families' spiritual lives as well.

1. Be a Student of What They are Learning

We've all made resolutions and set goals, but too often we fall short of what we expected to accomplish. Unfortunately it's often the same when we try to become the Christian we really believe God has called us to be. We fall short of the goal and become increasingly discouraged. In this series, your student will learn that following Christ is more about the small steps we take every day, not about the huge leaps of faith that we think we need to make. They will set a goal, determine the first step and then make it.

2. Be a Student of Your Student

Many of you crave forward motion in your family. You know what you want your children to be. You want them to be kind, respectful, responsible, intelligent, creative individuals. You want them to be able to succeed when they grow up and leave your home. But sometimes you look at them and you think that it may never happen. Sometimes, between the myriad of parenting books and child-rearing philosophies, you can get lost in the "how to" of raising wonderful kids who become successful adults.

In Reggie Joiner's Orange Parents post entitled "How to Raise a Jerk," Joiner encourages parents in a somewhat tongue-in-cheek way about raising kids who become the adults parents want to see them grow into. Here is an excerpt from this post. To read the post in its entirety, go to http://www.orangeparents.org/how-raise-a-jerk/

Some leaders say too many who work hard at building children's self-esteem are raising kids who will exhibit a lifestyle of entitlement and egotism. Other specialists say those who talk about children being innately bad are raising a generation that feels inferior and insignificant. Every expert has an opinion and it's hard to know where the line actually is. Many promote their agenda by pushing the opposing opinion to the extreme.

One of the keys to parenting with balance is helping your children develop an attitude of humility. Every child has the potential to grow up and understand why it's important to "put others first." There is just a fine line between raising kids who have a healthy self-esteem and kids who are too egotistical. A life of arrogance that goes unchecked can result in a sad and lonely existence for someone, and frankly there are enough self-centered people around. How does someone develop an overinflated sense of self-worth and entitlement?

Here are a few ideas to help you effectively raise a jerk:

Protect them from the consequences of their own mistakes.

Make sure you do whatever they can do for themselves.

Keep them away from anyone who thinks differently than they do.

Try to give them everything they want.

Tell them over and over again you just want them to be happy.

Convince them that they are more special than other kids.

Always take their side when they get in trouble with their teacher at school.

Always take their side whenever they are in a conflict with a friend.

Keep insisting that they are the best player on the team.

Don't give them consistent opportunities to help or serve other people.

Never require them to do chores.

Reinforce their prejudices about people from different cultures or backgrounds.

Make your relationship with them more important than your relationship with your spouse.

Rarely express genuine gratitude to those who help you.

Teach them to talk more than they listen.

Never let them hear you say, "I was wrong. I am sorry."

Maybe you can add a few ideas of your own… on how to raise a jerk.

Whatever parenting philosophy we ascribe to, we all want to see our kids succeed. Whether it's at school, sports, music or in the character traits they possess, we all want our kids to thrive. And the truth is, a huge part of their success is us. We set the tone for so much of their self-worth, self-understanding and self-image. So, let's focus on being a part of the steps we want to see them take. Let's get in the game with them and encourage their steps towards realizing the potential that God has placed inside of them.

3. Action Point

Obviously, no parent takes the advice on how to raise a jerk seriously. But what most of us do want to take seriously is the opportunity we have as parents to help our students become the best person-and eventually, the healthiest adult-they can be. We want to help them set goals and achieve them. And we want to praise them for their successes.

This month, think about helping your student make one step. Think of one new thing that you would love for your son or daughter to do. Maybe it's to improve his or her science grade, learn how to do laundry, cook a meal or change the oil in the car. Once you have decided on one goal for your student, communicate your desire to teach this skill and let your student know why it is important to learn it. Then spend time during the month helping teach your student how to accomplish the goal.

If you want your student to improve his or her science grade, sit with him or her and study flash cards. If you want them to know how to do laundry, do a load or two together until he or she gets the hang of it. By communicating to your child why you want him or her to know or do a certain thing, you communicate respect. By spending time helping them learn, you are letting him or her know of their importance to you. You will also alleviate your child's fear of disappointing you if they get it wrong.

The most important thing that fuels forward motion is celebration. Make sure that you celebrate your child's step! Tell him or her that you are proud of them for working so hard or for learning something new. When your child knows that they can make you proud, they will be much more motivated to continue working on their new goal.

Get connected to a wider community of parents at www.orangeparents.org.


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As you can see from the photos above, we offer a number of seasonal trips and activities (eg., Crosswaves Youth weekend, Lake Junaluska, Camp Don Lee, "Defined", Busch Gardens, Mission Trips, etc.).

For more photos, check us out on SmugMug. http://hollandsumc.smugmug.com/

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Holland's Youth Basketball

Find out all you need to know about Holland's youth basketball team by visiting this link: http://www.bb.faithfulbelievers.com/. Please contact Dave Woodall at 772-7777 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for any information. Come out to the games and cheer on our teams!! Follow on Facebook by asking to join "Holland's UMC Basketball" !