Holland's United Methodist Church

Download Name Play Size Duration
download 02-04--A Statue and the Table
Rev. Rich Vaughan

9.2 MB 10:04 min
download 02-11--Military Missions In Action
Michael Dorman

20.5 MB 22:28 min
download 02-18--Missing the Mark
Pastor Rich Cooper

19.9 MB 21:44 min
download 02-25--Jesus Can Get You Where You Want to Go
Rev. Rich Vaughan

21.1 MB 23:04 min
download 03-05--Road Rage and Lent
Rev. Rich Vaughan

8.6 MB 9:26 min
download 03-12--Whats in a name
Rev. Rich Vaughan

21.8 MB 23:52 min
download 03-18--Fire and Water
Rev. Richard Vaughan

22.5 MB 24:40 min
download 03-25--Who is This
Pastor Rich Cooper

20.5 MB 22:24 min
download 04-01--Moved by the Hand of God
Rev. Rich Vaughan

14.1 MB 15:21 min
download 04-08--Life After The Party
Pastor Rich Cooper

16.2 MB 17:42 min
download 04-15--Him
Rev. Rich Vaughan

16.6 MB 18:09 min
download 04-22--Stepping Up Stepping Out
Rev. Rich Vaughan

17.6 MB 19:16 min
download 05-02--Cultivating Compassion
Pastor Rich Cooper

10.9 MB 11:51 min
download 05-06--The Shameless Widow and the Shiner
Pastor Jeremy Absher

24.2 MB 26:24 min
download 05-13--Moms the Word
Rev. Rich Vaughan

16.9 MB 18:27 min
download 05-27--Precious Memories
Rev. Rich Vaughan

14.3 MB 15:38 min
download 06-03--Crickets Confirmation and Communion
Rev. Rich Vaughan

15.4 MB 16:50 min
download 06-10--Nest Wings and Magic
Rev. RIch Vaughan

14.4 MB 15:44 min